Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Earn Money Using Clixsense

Do You Say To Yourself I Have to Make Money ? If you do, Make Money From Home Now, Using Clixsense. Number 1 P PC. PTC Money the Easy Way 

Requirements: 5 mins of clicking ad's everyday.


PPC = Pay Per Click

This method, can be really interesting, as those ad's your viewing, redirects to very interesting and helpful websites.
I find this way to earn money online, both fun, interesting, easy and good.
However you can't make HUGE amounts of money, as in some of my other methods.
(I've made 30usd this month with this method)

Start earning money with Clixsense now, it's so easy, even a little child could do it.
It is not autopilot, but it's a really easy way to make an income.

Clixsense is the #1 PTC (paid to click) on the net. They have over 3 million members and you earn cash for viewing short ads. Cashout with Paypal or Alertpay.

Getting started:

1: Simply click on the displayed banner of this page and make your free account.

2: Once your signed up, Just login and click the "View Ads" link in the top menu to see the current paid ads. 

3: Then just check your account as much as you can or just in your free time to find more paid ads waiting to be clicked.

Sign up on this banner:

How to maximize you earnings with Clixsense:

Not earning enough by just viewing ads?
Well then, let me tell you how to Maximize your earnings with clixsense.

1. Clixsense got a random way of earning money called Clixgrid.
It's like viewing ad's but this time it's more random and fun. You only got 25 clicks a day available.
If your not a premium. All you have to do, is click on the picture and wait 10 seconds to see if your the winner of 5 bucks!

2. If your being serious about earning money with clixsense, you should spend 15usd, to upgrade to premium!
Premium will double your earnings at least, in clixgrid, and earn you A LOT more money, on a various different ways.

The last step to earn some serious money, autopilot is to gain a lot of referrals, you can share your referral link on forums, blogs, websites, youtube videos, twitter, facebook, whatever. Or you can buy ad campaigns on websites like clixsense to promote your referral link.

  Note : Wait 5 Sec And Skip Ad


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