Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Money Online With Vagex

Requirements: A YouTube account.

how to use the Vagex method:

1. Sign up, by clicking on my banner.

2. Install the program and Add your member number to the program.

3. Run the program. now the program will view videos minimized and earn you money!

4. Each time the program views a video, you get credits, credits can be exchanged for youtube views on your video, or cashed in for real cash!

Tricks to maximize earnings:

  • Set vagex to start with windows, save a youtube account to log in with, and set it to auto-like, subscribe, favorite and comment.
  • Install Both the firefox viewer and vagex viewer, and run them both at the same time (it's allowed)

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  • Leave your computer online over night.
  • Want the sounds from youtube removed? No problem, click on your speakers icon, choose mixer, and mute vagex!
  • If you got low exchange rate from credits to cash, don't worry it will increase 10% each time you get a new star from their loyalty program, and you will get a new star when you have viewed 10k videos.

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